Nuclear War Signs

7. Nuclear War Signs

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By Everett Triplett


In Matt. 24:6, Jesus said, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it you are not alarmed. Such things must happen but the end is still to come.”

On the same day I arrived home from the hospital to recover from my broken arm and leg, I picked up the remote and turned on the television. Breaking news: “The bombing of Yugoslavia was just beginning.” Confined to my house by my injuries, I faithfully followed the news day after day, morning, noon, and night. So everything I began to understand literally cost me an arm and a leg.

I watched President Clinton explain in a nationwide address why we were bombing Yugoslavia. He said, “I have a moral obligation. I cannot morally stand by and do nothing, while Milosevic is perpetuating these atrocities in his country. My morals compel me to do something.”

I immediately perceived that we were in big trouble if President Clinton’s morals were the reason for the bombing of Yugoslavia. Right up to that time, the media had been going on and on about the Monica Lewinski scandal in the White House revealing the President’s immoral character.

It appeared to me that out of desperation amid his crumbling moral image, President Clinton frantically looked around the world for a problem he could use to divert the national media’s attention away from his embarrassing sexual affair.


I watched numerous talk shows. Some tried to defend criticism of the United States by saying, “This is NATO bombing Yugoslavia.” But others responded, “Make no mistake about it; it is the United States who is calling the shots.”

I listened to an official Russian spokesman make a stern warning to the Clinton Administration: “You had better not do this. You’re liable to rekindle the cold war, if not a hot one.”

Yugoslavia is like Russia’s little brother. The Russians certainly did not appreciate what was being done. But President Clinton was adamant that the bombing will not stop until the five-fold unilateral demands were met.

One day, on the news I saw some of the President’s military advisors being interviewed; they expressed great frustration with President Clinton. They said he refused to take any of their advice. He insisted on the plan of continuously bombing only, at the rate of 600 sorties twenty-four hours per day, and nothing else. He was not willing to risk casualties from ground troops but using pilots at high elevation posed little risk. That was based more on a political than a military decision.

They said that never before in all the history of military warfare has anything like this ever been done before. I said to myself, “We’re watching history in the making.” These experts said they tried to tell him, “That’s not how it’s done.” But they were talking to a man who had no military background or training. Yet the American people put him in charge, Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force the world has ever seen.

It’s like telling a man who has never even been in a rowboat, “Here grab on and take over the helm of this mighty battleship. Take this baby out for a cruise and see how you like it.” It was a recipe for disaster.

Then I slowly began to recognize that the bombing of Yugoslavia was foretold in ancient Bible prophecies. About that time, I began to read a story about a vision of a ram and a goat in chapter 8 of the Book of Daniel. Daniel says he saw a goat coming from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. The goat slammed into the ram in furious rage, trampling the ram.

No one could rescue the ram from the power of the goat. I thought, “This is the first time in all of military history that bombing exclusively is the only military action taking place. Well, we’re not touching the ground, and we come from the west. We are called the men of the west. We fit the description of the goat.”

I was witnessing the beginning of the fulfillment, of an end-time Bible prophecy. But who does it say the ram is? It just says that the ram had two horns. One of the horns was longer than the other, but it grew up later.

Daniel says: “I watched the ram as he charged toward the west, the north, and the south. None could stand against him. He did as he pleased, and became great.”

The goat attacks furiously, striking the ram and shattering his two horns. The ram was powerless, and the goat knocks the ram to the ground and tramples him.


While the bombing of Yugoslavia continued, one afternoon, I looked through a collection of videotapes we had that we never watched.

I picked one up that still had the cellophane wrapper on it. Little did I know that it would reveal who the ram is. The title was, “Why We Fight.” I decided to watch the film that had been paid for by the Department of Defense. It was about the early stages of World War II, talking about the conflict being between the free world and the slave world.

That age old conflict has now resurfaced. In the interpretation of the vision of the ram and the goat we are told that the goat represents the kingdom of Greece and the ram represents the Medes and Persians. It is the Free Peoples of earth versus the kingdoms of slaves.

President Franklin Roosevelt had the movie, made to be played to the American armed forces, because at that time the prevailing mentality among Americans about the war was, “So what if the Europeans want to have a war. What do we care? Let them kill each other.” It was called isolationism.

It showed actual footage of German troops invading Russia. It showed how Russia ultimately prevailed over the Germans and began pushing them westward all the way into East Germany, and pushed northward into Finland and southward through Hungry and Yugoslavia. This is the description of the ram.

The Russians did as they pleased and became great. Russia is the ram. The first horn is the Mother Country Russia, and the larger horn that grew later is the Russian satellite countries including Yugoslavia.

As the videotape concluded, it showed documented footage of Nazi warplanes flying over and bombing Yugoslavia. President Roosevelt came on the screen with a clinched fist, and he pounded his desk. He said about the Nazis:

“They have got to be stopped. We must stop them. They’re dropping bombs from the air, and they’re murdering innocent women and children.”

As always, when a videotape ends, the television returned to its ongoing programming. I stared at the screen in disbelief, because now on the news I was still watching warplanes bombing the same country again, Yugoslavia. I thought poor Yugoslavia; they seem to always get the worst of it. Here they are getting bombed again.

But what are the odds of watching a video showing Nazi war planes bombing Yugoslavia–and then as soon as it’s finished, the television that’s connected to cable TV with forty-seven different channels available returns to it’s ongoing programming, and there are American war planes bombing the same country, Yugoslavia? It was like history repeating itself.

During the 1999 bombing, officials were talking about innocent women and children being killed. Analysts and various retired military leaders dismissed this as unavoidable collateral damage, but instinctively

I knew in my heart Russian generals with clinched fists were pounding their conference tables in high level meetings, repeating FDR’s words about the Nazi’s bombing of Yugoslavia:

“They have got to be stopped. We must stop them. They’re dropping bombs from the air, and they’re murdering innocent women and children.”

I was overwhelmed with these obvious signs that only God could be showing me.


Just as Roosevelt said that the Nazis must be stopped, today people in many countries worldwide consider the United States an evil empire that should be halted.

From their view, we’re as self-serving, self-centered, and selfish as the Third Reich. For instance, our current detractors accused us of killing innocent women and children in Yugoslavia and in Iraq during the current war. We dismiss the deaths as unavoidable collateral damage.

Worsening matters, the leaders in various nations that oppose us are gaining their peoples’ support, a growing unified opposition to our nation’s very way of life.

Add to this people who embrace non-Christian religions who hate our beliefs, and you get a powder keg ready to blow sky high. Literally, it’s as if a giant fuse has already been lit, to the nuclear bomb attack that is the “Day of the Lord.”

And the goat became great, and at the height of his power the goat’s horn is broken off. That is the sudden nuclear attack known as the Day of the Lord. Then, in its place four prominent horns grew.

Zechariah 1:18also has four horns that scattered Israel, Judea and Jerusalem.

“Then, the Lord showed me four craftsmen, and I asked, ‘What are these coming to do?’ And he answered, ‘These are the horns that scattered Judea so that no one could raise his head.’” But the Lord goes on to reveal that the craftsmen have come to terrify the horns of the nations and throw them down. The Lord knows I aspire to be one of those craftsmen.


Worldwide respect for the United States deteriorated during the Clinton administration, largely due to his personal behavior, military tactics, and policies.

I became alarmed and convinced that I was witnessing end-time prophecies being fulfilled. For years bible scholars have tried to explain the vision of the ram and the goat. But it pertains to this time of the end, how could anyone get it right until it actually happens?

Countries worldwide continue polarizing against the United States. Those opposing our county, its people and policies include Iran, the Russian Federation, China, North Korea, France, and Germany–plus the United Nations Security Council, comprised of many of these same countries.

Not only during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, did Russia’s hostility became apparent when a Russian official issued a stern warning to the Clinton Administration: “You had better not do this; you’re likely to rekindle the cold war, if not a hot one!”, but following NATO’s bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, where high-ranking Chinese officials were murdered, enraged demonstrators in Tiananmen Square proclaimed America as the
new Hitler. Although the U.S. State Department offered apologies, and they claimed it was by mistake, the Chinese were seething with rage. And they still have not forgotten today.

During the Clinton Administration, a U.S. surveillance plane on patrol in the South China Sea collided with a Chinese fighter jet. The American plane made a forced emergency landing in that nation, where authorities held the American crew members as hostages. China completely dismantled the U.S. aircraft in an attempt to learn our technology and tactics, and that nation continues to harbor a deep-rooted growing animosity toward us.

The Chinese later shipped our plane back to us, dismantled in pieces in separate boxes. Such defiance marked just one of many instances of accumulating evidence that supports the claim that our enemies together are planning our eventual demise. Chinese leaders have openly announced that they will go to any length to keep Taiwan from becoming independent, even if it means nuclear war with the United States. All over the world, tensions continue to escalate.

North Korea continues developing a nuclear missile program, threatening America. Meanwhile, Russia President Putin supports Iran’s nuclear program, despite U.S. President Bush’s strong suggestions that the Russian Federation do otherwise. Terrorists have us in their cross hairs.

With encouragement and support from slave nations represented in its Security Council, the Secretary General of the United Nations condemned the U.S. attack on Iraq. Our action on Iraq has been declared illegal, although we deposed Saddam Hussein who killed tens of thousands of his own people. There were no weapons of mass destruction found. That being the justification for launching the attack, it appears to many that we jumped the gun–went off half-cocked so to
speak. Enemies are now demanding that we must be brought to justice for breaking international law.

The United Nations has no international law enforcement capabilities, so when Saddam invaded Kuwait they looked to the United States to carry out that enforcement. But the authorization was limited to ending the aggression and removing Saddam from Kuwait.

US General Norman Schwarzkopf had approached First President Bush seeking authorization to use American forces to conduct an international law enforcement action. President Bush expressed concern about getting entangled in a long, drawn-out ordeal. He asked the general, “How long is this going to take?” Schwarzkopf’s best estimate was approximately three weeks.

In developing their battle plans, U.S. General Schwarzkopf and then-General Colin Powell assessed enemy size and strength to be about 500,000. The generals established what has become known as the Colin Powell Doctrine, which states that you come at your enemies with overwhelming force.

With a coalition force of 750,000, Kuwait was liberated in just three days. Sudden action by U.S. armed forces decimated and pushed Saddam Hussein’s troops back into their homeland. Due to the success of this operation, The Colin Powell Doctrine has become standard military policy today.


Those plotting against the United States today will use the same strategy against us. Like we did to Iraq in the early 1990s, these adversaries want to invade the United States as quickly and as efficiently as possible with overwhelming, relentless force.

The U.S. established a dangerous precedent in early 2003. Based on erroneous reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, we determined that to be sufficient justification to initiate an attack.

In the same way that we felt threatened by Saddam, how many of our enemies feel that we are a threat to them?


Knowing that they feel threatened by us, they can now say they have sufficient justification to initiate an attack on us. As you’ll soon discover in further detail, the scriptures state that we’ll be attacked violently, suddenly, and without warning. It is called “The Day of the Lord.”

Our enemies are developing a strategy to attack and destroy us. I know that plans are being laid, a strategy or tactic–the best way to destroy America, the sole remaining superpower. Trying to stop America is a big job. In the sequence of the story about the ram and the goat, the goat became very great. But at the height of his power, his large horn is broken off. That is the Day of the Lord, the breaking of America’s military power by a devastating nuclear attack on multiple cities.

About the time the news revealed the bombing would continue at the rate of 600 sorties a day –a massive amount of destruction. My mind began to calculate–that’s about one mission every two and one-half minutes twenty-four hours a day. This is an unusual display of military might that no other country could sustain or accomplish, and we continued the bombing for seventy-eight days.

During the bombing, I opened my Bible to read, and the verse my eyes focused on is the beginning of Chapter 33 of Isaiah. It says there, “Woe to you, oh destroyer–you who have never been destroyed.”

I thought, “Who else is capable of dispensing a volume of destruction at the rate of 600 jet loads a day, and sustaining it for seventy-eight day’s non-stop? That is more than 40,000 sorties. Who fits this description better than the United States, and world wars have come and gone yet we’ve not been destroyed.”

But then it says, “Woe to you, oh traitor, you who have never been betrayed.”

I could see how we could fulfill the description of the destroyer. But I didn’t recognize us as being a traitor, until about that time I came across an article in the newspaper that said, “Consider the irony of this, the Serbian people fought bravely on the allied side in both World War I and World War II.”

If this is how we treat our friends– nations who have fought bravely along side of us– what do you think our enemies are thinking we might do to them?

When the destroyer stops destroying, it says he’ll be destroyed. Isaiah Chapter 33 also pertains to the end-time Day of the Lord because it continues on to say, “The people are burned to lime.” Lime is just white dust. It says, “The highways are desolate; there are no travelers on the road; who can dwell with this everlasting burning. Trembling grips the godless; the sinners are terrified.”

These are all descriptions that could be the result of a nuclear event. A verse in Ecclesiastes says understanding of a matter comes by adding one thing to another.

As I study, I continue looking for scriptures that add together and support this end-time disaster as a nuclear event. A verse in Isaiah 33 catches my attention. It says, “Your breath will consume you like a fire.”

I thought, “What it would be like to breath in radiation dust without a respirator or even a dust mask like those on construction jobs. Radiation dust if inhaled, will cause internal burning.”


Isaiah 33 says the righteous man will dwell on the heights; his refuge will be the mountain fortress. His bread and water will be supplied. And that’s the same thingEzekiel 7 says, “All who survive and escape will be in the mountains.”

And Jesus talks about The Day of the Lord in Matthew 24 “When you see the abomination that causes desolation.” Now there’s an appropriate description of a nuclear bomb.

He gives instructions to those who are in Judea or Samaria, “Let them flee to the mountains.” He says, “Let no one on the roof of his house go down to take anything out of the house. Let no one out in the field go back to get his coat.”

To me, that means, “Immediately go.” I see the major large cities being like the Atlantic City, N.J., nightclub where a musical group’s pyrotechnics caught a crowded nightclub on fire. And all the people tried to get out at the same time. The exits became jammed. People were trapped and burned to death.

When a nuclear fire bursts forth in a city, all the people will panic and try to flee at the same time. Mass panic and hysteria will cause the on ramps to the freeways to have cars crashing into cars and become jammed. The people who attempt to gather their precious things lose the most important thing of all–precious time needed to get away, and they will be trapped and burn to death or suffer intense radiation exposure and die slowly. The verse says if you try to save your life you will lose it;
if you lose your life you will save it. That verse seems difficult to understand, but it suddenly makes perfect sense when you think of you family photo albums, jewelry, etc. as your life in this kind of situation. You may lose all that stuff, but you might save your life if you flee immediately.


When the bombing of Yugoslavia stopped, I came across an article November 14, 1999 that said in discussing Chechnya, “It might seem presumptuous to tell a Russian leader what to do. But President Clinton did just that the other day in a dramatic confrontation with Russian leader Boris Yeltsin.”

President Clinton said he didn’t agree with how the rebellion in Chechnya was being handled. The article said, “Although President Clinton’s words were offered in a spirit of tough love, President Yeltsin certainly didn’t take it that way.”

The Russians were horrified by the way we treated our past ally in two World Wars, Yugoslavia,when we didn’t agree with how they were handling their internal ethnic problem. They could be wondering about what might happen to them, if we don’t agree with how they are handling their internal problem of Chechnya.

Suddenly thereafter the international community is surprised by the announcement that Mr. Yeltsin is no longer to remain as the leader of Russia, but in his last days in office he visits China December 15, 1999 and says to the Chinese leader, “It seems Mr. Clinton has forgotten that Russia still is a world power that possesses a nuclear arsenal.”

Now enters onto the scene Valadimir Putin, a trained KGB career man. His first two weeks in office on January 14, 2000 the Russian parliament changed their long-standing nuclear arms policy. The old policy only authorized the use of their nuclear weapons in the event of an attack on them. That is a defensive policy, using their nuclear weapons as a deterrent. The new policy allows the use of their nuclear power as a first strike in certain cases. That is an offensive policy and another sign that signals hostility brewing.

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