When Attacks Occur

6. When Attacks Occur

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By Everett Triplett


I knew I had to write this book after I read Isaiah 30:8: Go now, write it before them on a tablet, and inscribe it in a book, so that it may be for the time to come as a witness forever.


I began to understand from Jeremiah 6 some timing information. It says they’re planning to attack at noon , but that shadows grew long, the daylight faded–so they’re going to make
it a night attack.

I already knew verses in the New Testament about the Lord coming like a thief in the night. And on that night, two men will be in a field, one will be taken, and one will be left.


For anyone who has false hopes of being taken away, as in the rapture, they need to take heed to Luke 17:37: “Where, Lord?” They asked. He replied, “Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather”.

The one that gets taken is a dead body that the vulture gathers around. Ezekiel 18 says it is the souls who sin that will die and 2 Peter 3 tells us that the new earth will be the home of the righteous. For Zechariah 2 says the Lord is coming to dwell among us and here we will be with him.

Then, Jeremiah tells us that the Lord is going to take away the harvest. The leaves on the trees will wither, and He will give them poisoned water to drink. I knew that could be caused by radioactive fallout dust. I began to understand why Ezekiel says to store up food, with famine coming, caused by a harvest being contaminated by radioactive fallout dust.

But it occurred to me that for a harvest to be taken, it has to be out there–vulnerable. I’m from an agricultural valley, and I work for farmers. I recognized these scriptures also are important timing information. Harvest time is in the fall, and I knew that Jesus said no man knows the day or hour. I now know the harvest will not come, causing a sudden unanticipated widespread food shortage. Now you can make sense out of Ezekiel’s instructions to get 390 days supply of food.


I found Ezekiel 38 talking about Gog and Magog, Persia, Cush, Gomer, and others who come from their place in the far north. This is also another passage of scripture pertaining to the Day of the Lord.

It says they will come against the people in a land of unwalled villages, living peacefully and unsuspecting–without walls and gates and bars—gathered from the nations, rich in livestock and goods, living at the center of the land. The United States fits these descriptions.

Ezekiel calls the attackers ” a great horde and a mighty army.” The Day of the Lord in Joel 2 also speaks of a large and mighty army that comes, such as never was of old and never will be in ages to come. Before them, fire devours and behind them flames blaze. Before them, the land is like the Garden of Eden. Today’s California has immaculately manicured vineyards and fruit orchards as far as the eye can see in every direction and is called the fruit basket of the world. It lies like the Garden of Eden.

They will attack us, but they will not be able to destroy us completely. We will recover; we will retaliate. We will prevail and emerge as the champions of the world.

Ezekiel 38 gives the same scenario. The invaders get turned around and fall in the mountains of Israel, which I know signifies mountainous regions of the United States. These areas range from the Appalachians and the Sierra Nevada to the Cascades, the Rockies, and other high-elevation areas. The large and mighty army of Joel’s is later referred to the northern army that gets driven back out across a parched and barren land, and that is the land that they burned as they invaded.

Daniel 11:13 is also about this final conflict. The King of the North comes with a great horde against the King of the South.

This is all connected together. The Day of the Lord is referred to as a sudden destruction that comes upon unsuspecting people who are busy buying and selling; and building and planting; and marrying and giving in marriage.

All this happens while they’re saying peace and safety, and sudden destruction will come upon them. Immediately following the Day of the Lord, the sun will be darkened, and the moon does not give its light. It’s a day of darkness and gloom. It’s the result of smoke-filled skies coming from the cities burning.


Smoke is particles, soot, and ash rising high into the sky because of the heat of the fire. When the heat dissipates, these particles begin to float down. They’re referred to as fallout.

One day I tried to share some of my newfound insight of end-time scripture with my wife, but she complained, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about doom and gloom. The Bible is a big book. Why don’t you read something different once and awhile?”

I ignored her suggestion right then, and I continued reading. But that very night I awoke around two o’clock in the morning by the throbbing pain in my shattered leg. I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to turn on the lamp and read my Bible. Right when I picked it up, the words my wife spoke to me earlier that day suggesting that I should read something different once in a while echoed in my mind. I thought, “Well, maybe she’s right.”

So, I turned near the front of the Bible far from anything I had been reading, and when it opened, the verse my eyes focused on was Deuteronomy 28:24. There I began to read, ” The Lord will turn the rain of your land into dust and powder. It will come down from the skies, until you are ruined.” I thought, “Can this be talking about fallout dust?”

So I backed up to read the preceding context and there it says the Lord will smite them with a wasting disease, fever, inflammation, blight, mildew, sores, tumors, scabs, and boils, and itch from which you cannot be cured. There is no cure for radiation sickness and I became convinced was what it is describing. This is what the scriptures say people will suffer as consequences of their disobedience.

Deuteronomy 28 starts out describing a nation that harkens diligently to serve the Lord and obey his commandments. That nation will be placed high above all nations on the earth. We above all the nations of the earth fit that description best. I became deeply convinced that God himself is consistently revealing to me through the Bible what is going to happen. So when I try to read about something different for a change, I find even more scriptures confirming the coming end-time distress.

Chapter 28 goes on to say that those who survive will be given abundant prosperity, and their blessings are described on and on until it comes to a “however”–if they “turn from following my commandments, these curses will come upon them.”


On another day, I was reading in the Book of Daniel and believe it or not, Daniel 9:11 says,” Therefore, the curses and sworn judgments written in the Law of Moses–which is by the way of the Book of Deuteronomy–have been poured out on us because we have sinned against you.”

“You have fulfilled the words spoken against us and against our rulers by bringing on us a great disaster. Under the whole heaven has never been done, like what has been done to Jerusalem .”

So the coming great disaster of Daniel 9:11 is the curses of radiation sickness and fallout dust, according to Deuteronomy 28!

I want to make a point about the name Jerusalem. It may have been the capital city in the time of Daniel. In visions of the future, Daniel may have seen a major modern capitol city and assumed it was what Jerusalem had evolved into. Time has a way of changing things. But in our capital city today of Washington, D.C. you see large fluted columns that are a trademark of Greek architecture. The first senators came from Greece and they were elected. We represent the Kingdom of Greece as it has evolved over time.

Daniel 11:2 tells of a forth king who will be far richer than all the others and by the power of his riches he will stir up everyone against the kingdom of Greece ( USA).

New York City boasts itself as the Capital of the World because of the United Nations headquarters located there.

But the point is like Shakespeare said, “A rose called by any other name still smells the same.” We know this great disaster that’s coming isn’t coming upon today’s Jerusalem because those people there don’t dwell in a land of peace, whose cities have no walls–such as that referred to in Ezekiel 38:11.

Instead, the Jerusalem of today is a land of suicide bombers. One day I turned on the TV and Jerusalem was on the news and because of the violence, that city was building a forty-mile-long, twenty-foot-tall concrete tilt-up wall. These scriptures absolutely are not talking about today’s Jerusalem.


We can see from various current and recent events, coupled with many Biblical references and descriptions, the term ” Israel” or “ Jerusalem” refers to the United States rather than the Holy Land. It is in fact more about a linage of people than about some particular piece of real estate with geographical boundaries. Past puzzling passages begin to make sense when you apply this logical insight.

By contrast, in a clear comparison to the United States we learn from Ezekiel 38 that the attacks from nations out of the north will hit a “peaceful, unsuspecting people … all of them living without walls, and gates and bars.” This great horde will come to seize much plunder in a land that has recovered from war (The Civil War) whose people are gathered from all nations, another obvious reference to the U.S.

I visited a large church in New York City that boasted of more that a hundred different nationalities represented in their congregation. As it says, we truly are gathered from all nations. The peaceful unsuspecting people that are attacked are rich in goods and livestock. Americans cannot deny that they are the richest nation in the history of the world. The good news is that the invaders from the north will fall on the mountains, and they will be given to the beasts of the field to be devoured. We are punished, but not completely destroyed. We will be rescued by the Lord, according to Jeremiah 1:19.

I continued studying Deuteronomy, and I found the four judgments in Chapter 32—right before it says that the country targeted for attack is a “nation without sense, and there’s no discernment in them. If only they were wise and would understand this, and discern what their end will be.”

And it goes on to say, “ In due time, their foot will slip. Their day of disaster is near, and their doom rushes upon them.” In the same way that my foot slipped, and sudden disaster was upon me, and the Lord has shown me that now the proverbial foot of our nation will slip and the sudden disaster coming is the Day of the Lord. What do you think about that!

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