Find Out If Has Actually Cleaned Up Their Unique Act Or If Perhaps They Nonetheless Swindle People

We did an overview of in October of 2017. These days we’re shining the light back once again on Black Crush. We revisited the internet site in 2019 to find out if anything had changed. We desired to determine if the internet site had been scamming individuals or did they clean up their unique act and try to make a legitimate dating service. Unfortunately upon an instant glance in the internet site nothing provides change at all. This great site still is scamming people. BlackCrush remains generating artificial female matchmaking users. This site can nonetheless admitting they truly are utilizing automated pc bots to transmit individuals who join their unique fake website bogus instantaneous emails and phony email messages. Should you join their site you can expect to be deluged with email messages and instantaneous messages that all require that you upgrade a buy a membership so that you can browse the materials inside the faux messages. This is the same scenario that individuals discovered in 2017.

So unfortunately we can’t offer you a bit of good development about dark Crush they are still operating in identical deceptive way these were a few years in the past and absolutely nothing has evolved whatsoever. Ideally you discovered these records just before got conned on the dating platform.

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