Location Based Mobile App Development

If you have an app idea, then we can help you in building a roadmap for geolocation app development. If you partner with us, yes, you will be the sole owner of the app. As a development company, we are entitled to assign you all the rights. Intellectual property rights, business ideas, content, documentation, and the source code – everything remains under your ownership.

A location-based directory app for events can help the event marketers connect with a geo-targeted audience. Mobile devices are used for a lot more than just calling or getting in touch with people through messaging. In fact, in 2019, 80% of the users searched the internet using a mobile device.

how to create a location based app

As a result, location-based apps assist retailers in determining clients’ locations in order to provide the best possible delivery solutions, resulting in customer retention. On social media, users frequently tag the location of a https://globalcloudteam.com/ restaurant, cinema, gym, or hotel. Instead of writing an address, pointing to a location to answer the question “where are you? Location technology is also used by dating apps to help users find partners in a specific location.

Location Based Mobile App Development

Such location apps target nice hangout locations based on reviews from other consumers. By following these procedures, you will build a location-based app with high ratings. And soon enough, you can start competing with the best software companies in the world.

Philips Foundation announces multi-year partnership – News – Philips

Philips Foundation announces multi-year partnership – News.

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Companies like Booking and TripIt optimize their services based on location. You can set your current location and obtain access to a local travel guide within the city. In addition, you can view various photos of locations added by other users. To bring how to create a location based app your idea to reality, you and your app development team need to put your idea down on paper and develop a storyboard. Subsequently, the storyboard, wireframes, and mockups will help to determine the geolocation app’s potency and market performance.


In the advertising world, geofencing is often used to target users with specific advertisements and deals. However, the range of potential applications is much wider, and geofencing is a solution for offering a more customized shopping experience. Modern smartphones have a chip that allows users to link to the Global Positioning System . This helps devices to calculate their current position with a 60-foot precision. GPS needs data from at least three satellites to complete this mission.

  • Geolocation is a great marketing tool to reach target audiences and get additional ways of interacting with clients.
  • This includes client app development, back-end development, as well as a basic admin panel.
  • Every month, the platform receives 178 million unique visitors from various devices.
  • Coupon or deal directories are hence visited quite often by customers hunting for a good deal and save money.
  • Jellyfish Technologies is a reliable mobile app development company.
  • App MakerApp MakerMobile app builder to create an app in 3 steps.

All you need is to send an HTTP request, which returns a match you can display on your platform. IBeacon is a Bluetooth-based low energy proximity sensor that transmits a unique signal from beacons to the receiver . The technology is named after the eponymous lighthouse in England.

How Does Location Based App Work?

If you’re considering how to build a GPS app that allows users to find interesting locations, don’t overlook the communication aspect. GPS technology is used by hotel and rental apps such as Booking.com and Airbnb to enable customers to share their experiences. You must use location services’ APIs and maps when creating location-based mobile apps. They also include information about items in their immediate vicinity, as well as relevant tips, useful facts, directions, and suggestions for a location or service. Therefore, every approach to developing solutions needs to be unique.

Here, we develop the basic model of your product that helps you achieve your primary goal. This model allows us to learn more about the end-user and test assumptions accordingly while minimizing costs for you. For entrepreneurs who want to sell an app to businesses, customized solutions are the way to go. Adding ease to the app behavior should be at the top of your list, when it comes to making your app better.

If you are planning to create a directory app, no matter which industry niche or category you fall in, there are some features that you must include in it. Whether you are making a directory app for Android or iOS, the following features are an absolute must for your Local Business directory app. This can be a directory app with multiple categories or a niche directory listing app for events.

how to create a location based app

Users can get information about their location, nearby items, or the best route to a destination using a GPS-enabled app. The Fastmall app, for example, provides shoppers with an interactive map that includes shops, bathrooms, restaurants, and parking spaces. With only a few clicks, the location service can also help users locate a baby stroller. Thus, you’ll be able to adapt to the changing preferences of your audiences. This is why advertisers are so interested in geolocation technologies. According to Statista, 67 percent of marketing professionals in the United States use GPS data for targeting, and 52 percent use it to personalize consumer interactions.

Over 18,000 Location

Standard search will lets users search stores by address or postal code. Business App BuilderTurn leads into clients and prospects into sales with the help of a mobile app for your business. Whenever you take a picture with your camera app, the phone registers the metadata. A community app is similar to a social network, but the only difference lies in the extensive reach and general functionality.

In the same manner, geolocation is also an integral component of apps focused on logistics, delivery, and other service industries. The APP Solutions utilizes these location-based functionalities in applications like Alfred Ibiza, HYPR, and Nuwbii. Most modern applications use location features to improve performance.

Besides a high level of geofence precision and low battery consumption, the app offers an incredibly easy three-step setup. Weather application stores a lot of benefits for those who wish to remain updated with their surrounding temperature or who have to schedule their outdoor activities accordingly. It often brings a 2 hours precipitation radar that gives you an idea about the forthcoming weather, whether you require an umbrella or gumboots will do the trick. I consent to have EGO collect my email address for sending me news about EGO special offerings and services.

We can help you in choosing the most suitable solution for your business. Reports suggest that the global field service management market is likely to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 5.1 billion by 2025. Downloading your test app first allows you to test and create your app simultaneously saving time in the process. App publishers get real-time App Analytics, make changes to increase the user base of your app.

Before knowing about a few of such features, let’s go through the impact of location-based mobile apps on various industry sectors and service providers. They are not restricted to taxi services or searching for the nearest store. Navigators, guides, social media with geotagged pictures, route planning, and fitness apps with track speeds relate to location-based services. Commonly, geolocation applications are divided into several groups. Let’s consider the most popular ones in each group and what GPS-enabled functionality they offer so you may have a clearer picture in mind. Let’s start with the fundamental principle before moving on to the technical aspects of location-based app development.

However, you will also need other pre-existing third-party apps with data safety features. These are often GPS applications developed to show the right elements and coordinates. Any location-based mobile app can only function with up-to-date map and location services. For more accurate geolocation, you need to implement several technologies.

Yellow Pages Directory Apps

However, with the given complexity of increasing a varied set of stakeholders, role-based access is not just about the CRUD operations. The architecture of the app must ensure data integrity and data security while allowing data access. The cherry on top is that this access could also vary based on the situations while different sets of stakeholders are in concurrent interwoven communication channels.

These apps filter your interest and recommend certain news items you might want to read. And most importantly, they allow you to localize ‘Breaking News’ push notifications on your device. Apps like Yahoo Weather and Weather Underground use geolocation data to increase usability and skip a few steps between the consumer and the product.

When you create a directory listing app for your online business directory, you have the unique advantage of creating a space for yourself on their beloved smartphones. A directory app makes you more approachable and easily available to your audience without them investing anything. It is predicted that by the year 2021, mobile devices will account for $1.4 trillion in location-based sales. This is why you should create a directory app for your online directory listings. Have you ever thought about creating a Local Business directory app? This post will give you an introduction to location-based directory app, help you understand how to build a Local Business app using no code location-based directory app builders.

Furthermore, these estimations also consider the proliferation of apps that function better with geospatial data. Also, social media applications and user-oriented software like WhatsApp will boost the location-based services market significantly. Geolocation features are used by e-commerce platforms to provide delivery information to customers.

In 2021, Google Maps will generate $4.3 billion in revenue, with 1 billion active users. The best examples of creating a location-based app of this type are Facebook, Tinder, and WhatsApp. For example, Facebook made $25.4 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2021, with $16.1 billion in total funding. The price will depend on the time your team will spend on every step and their hourly rate.

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