Day of the Lord Preparation

By Everett Triplett, Founder of

World War III is coming, and a new Superpower is rising.

It’s all our enemies bonded together by their mutual hatred for us. They unite against us by pooling together their resources (manpower, equipment and finances) to stop the United States’ domination of the world. Get ready now, Americans; we will have to fight all our enemies at the same time, but we are weakening and there are too many of them.We cannot win without help, but help will come in our greatest hour of need.This is the final conflict, the end of this age as we know it. But there is coming a New Age of lasting peace on earth that will surpass all your wildest dreams.

The Bible Predicts:

American will soon suffer a massive nuclear attack [ The Day of the Lord ] followed by an invasion led by a Russian coalition including Muslims [ see Ezekiel 38 ] from which we will barely recover, only because the Lord will rescue us [ Jeremiah 1:19 ] We must keep on fighting until the Lord suddenly returns with reinforcements ( The armies of heaven [ Rev 19 ] ) to save us from total annihilation by the Chinese coalition of 200 Million [ Rev 9 ]

When ~ The Week ~ The Month ~ The Year

Crucial timing information is revealed in the Scriptures. This sudden disaster ( nuclear attack )will take place in the middle of the night, during the week of the phase of the new moon and during the time when the days of sunshine are at their longest ( summer is near ). The month is June, and the fields of crops are ready for harvest.
The skies will be filled with smoke from burning cities and wind currents will carry the soot and ash across the croplands ~ resulting in an environmental contamination with radiation of both supplies of food and surface water [ Deut.28:24 is the fallout ]. When 390 years of sin accumulates,then there will be 390 days of Punishment/Siege. A day of punishment is coming for each year of sin. [Ez. 4]

An abundance of signs indicate the destruction is coming very soon!


This urgent, Biblically generated information is vital to you, your family and everyone you know.
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