The Greatest Riddle

3. The Greatest Riddle

Review this urgent Biblically generated information


By Everett Triplett

The Bible tells of a sudden disaster that comes upon a people who are busy buying and selling, building and planting, and giving in marriage. It is called, “The Day Of the Lord.” We are told that no one knows the day or the hour. That does leave open the potential to know the week and the month and the year. I have discovered that God does reveal it in the scriptures in simple words. Here in this message you will clearly see the answer to the Greatest Riddle of All Time. When will the End come? It is in the Bible, down to the week, the month, and the formula for adding up to the year.

With relentless determination, our enemies are busy planning a sudden surprise attack that will make Pearl Harbor and 911 pale in comparison, except it will be with our complete and total destruction in mind. Ultimately, though, the Lord says in Jeremiah repeatedly “…do not destroy them completely.” They will fight against you but they will not overcome you for I am with you and will rescue you [Jeremiah 1:19].

Of course, for the most part we in the United States perceive ourselves as a peaceful, loving people focused on doing good. Yet much of the world views us in a far different light, partly due to misinformation spread by opposing government leaders.

Herein lays the urgent and relentless need to remain vigilant in protecting ourselves. As the world’s sole remaining superpower, we can and must remain forthright in learning the plans and efforts of those who seek to do us harm.


I have discovered intricate details of the coming nuclear attack within the Holy Bible. Even people who’ve never read it before become amazed, stunned and concerned when I explain to them the following specific details.

Amazingly, although written well over 2,000 years ago, specific sections of the Bible– penned by the inspired scribes of hundreds and even thousands of years apart–corroborate many similar irrefutable references to today’s modern society. These parallel to current times, issues, and locations. There are compelling details and descriptions of this upcoming attack on the United States.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve considered myself a faithful servant of the Lord. God has given me a gift of insight, simply to believe and explain exactly what his word says.

You will see, the Lord has appointed me to be a watchman as described in Ezekiel 3:17. In the Bible’s Book of Amos 3:7 we’re told, “Surely the sovereign Lord God does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants.” I boldly declare before you that He has revealed His plan to me. And He is ready to do what He said He would do from the beginning of the foundation of the world, and there will be no more delay!


The Bible’s Book of Ezekiel says that the watchman is sent to a stubborn and obstinate people who will not listen to you, because they are not listening to me, but I will make you even more stubborn and obstinate than they are.

Although the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of speech, church leaders became upset about the compelling message of warning that I continually give today. Some considered me disruptive, provoking too much fear. Isaiah 28 says that to understand this message is to be filled with “sheer terror.” To understand is to prepare. “In days to come you will understand it clearly.” – Jeremiah 23:20.

I don’t know why the Lord picked me as a watchman, but I’m his servant. I am determined to do whatever His will is and to do whatever it takes to spread this warning.

As the scriptures say the people will be caught up in the cares of this life, and destruction will come upon them unawares. Many people will choose to ignore these warnings; for they are busy, caught up in just trying to make a living. Others are lazy-minded, locked in their boring everyday routines while surrounded by their comfort zone–oblivious to the signs of the time. Failure to pay attention to the signs can cost you your life. Don’t be one of those people today.

Perhaps you’ve been getting an increased sense that something treacherous is upon us– the makings of a cataclysmic event.

The news reports continue to support the evidence that our enemies are rallying together. Their mutual hatred is bonding them into a military alliance. Meantime, much of our society continues to party on and remains ensconced in complete denial as if nothing serious can occur.


I do feel so all alone with the burden of knowing what is about to happen. I constantly feel the urgent need to warn my follow countrymen as if I don’t succeed, no one else will. Millions of lives are at stake. For who understands the timing of the Day of the Lord? It is the greatest riddle of all time, and God has revealed the answer of it to me. I don’t know of anybody else who sees in the scriptures all that I see, foretelling–most importantly–when these things will happen.


Beginning in 1999, strange events suddenly took place in my life that can only be explained as God showing me many important signs pointing to the specific details of what is going to happen soon in our time and bringing about the end of this age.

Here’s a brief summary of some of them:

1 ACCIDENT: I suddenly suffered severe injuries in an accident at work. My left arm and my left leg were both shattered when I slipped and fell from a roof. Upon arriving home after orthopedic surgery, in I asked for a Bible and immediately open it to a verse that says: “As for you lie down on your left side.”

2 RECOVERY: The suffering and recovery process from these injuries also reflected these scriptures, and I was allowed time to read and begin to understand the prophecies of what is to come.

3 SECOND INJURY: I suffered another injury in a second accident, once again similar to specifics described in the Bible.

4 TELEVISION: Television programs came on repeatedly–depicting the same descriptions of what it will be like–just as I had just finished reading about them in Bible scriptures.

5 SCRIPTURES: I awoke in the middle of the night, and I read a portion of key scripture and recognized it as an example of 1) how this end-time period will unfold, 2) the sequence of events that are to take place, and 3) the total annihilation of all our enemies. The very next morning at an ongoing outdoor Bible reading meeting I was surprisingly asked to publicly read that exact same scripture over a microphone in the front lawn of the U. S. Capitol.

6 THE BIBLE: I would randomly open my Bible to read and instantly recognize and understand direct references about end-time prophecies–some linked as signs indicating the significance of my injuries.

7 PRAYER: Two ladies I had never seen before and have never seen again approached me at the end of the Stockton, California Promise Keeper’s meeting and asked me if I needed prayer. “Sure,” I said. And as they prayed over me, the one lady said “The Lord has called you to be a WATCHMAN—you have an important job to do and you are to be faithful to do it and not to neglect it!” I consider myself a tough guy and when my bones were shattered I didn’t whimper and no tears ran down my face, but when those words were spoken over me I cried, for I already knew it, and I felt overwhelmed because the Lord was using them to confirm it to me.

Well, many people are amazed when I admit that in the late 1960s and early 1970s I was a rebellious hippie. I dropped out of hig school to party, play around, and smoke marijuana during the era of free love, peace, and “live and let be.”

But I soon discovered that the sinful lifestyle reaps death and depression. Just like the Bible says the wages of sin is death. Right after my late teens, I gave my heart to Jesus, and my life has never been the same. I also realized the importance of hard work, family, and an unfailing commitment to God.

At this point, it’s essential to emphasize that this message isn’t intended to be about me. Instead, it’s about you and your family and how to prepare to survive with specific detailed instructions.

As I’ve already mentioned, today I’m a fairly successful businessman as a general engineering contractor and real estate broker. Like everyone else, I have limited personal resources, but I am using my money to bring this message to you. I’m seeking no personal financial reward by distributing it. I seek a greater reward from my heavenly Father.


Because we’re the most powerful nation on earth and the world’s last remaining superpower, the book of Jeremiah 5:27 describes us by saying they have become rich and powerful. And Isaiah 18 :1-2 says, “Go swift messengers to a people of smooth-skinned people feared far and wide, with strange speech and whose land is divided by many rivers.”

This nation more than any other, has many major rivers ranging from the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Columbia, Colorado, and the Snake River dividing our land on multiple state boundaries. Other rivers include the Red River dividing Texas from Oklahoma, the Savannah River, the Delaware, and there are more I could name that define in part state boundaries in our vast and great land. And as Isaiah foretold, the people would have strange speech. English most definitely would have sounded strange to Isaiah.

It is obvious to me that large portions of the book of Jeremiah are prophetically applicable to the United States.

Through research and observation, I have discovered that when certain words, phrases or actions are mentioned in the Bible—written over thousands of years ago—they refer to this same unique end-time event. Some of these include:

1 THE FOUR JUDGMENTS: Wherever you find the four judgments that are mentioned in Ezekiel 14:21 you can recognize it is on the subject of this unique, one-of-a-kind end-time of distress and trouble.





2 NORTH REFERENCES: When the word “north” is mentioned with a disaster or an army, it equates to the places from which the attackers will come from on the day of the Lord. Because Ezekiel 5:9 says it will only happen once and never again, so you know it is the same event. Ezekiel 7:5 in the NASV refers to the end is coming and a UNIQUE DISASTER it is coming. Ezekiel 1:4… coming out of the north…

3 BIRTH PAINS: When various scriptures mention birth pains or labor pains, they give a direct reference likening it to the end-time of distress that begins with the day of the Lord and culminates in the birthing of new life, the coming new age of peace on earth.

4 SODOM AND GOMORRAH: Whenever these cities get mentioned, the context refers to the time of the end because they are an example of what is going to happen according to 2 Peter 2, “ and they were condemned and burned to ashes because of their wickedness.” So what is going to happen is that cities will be burned like them.

5 SCROLL: From early scriptures through Revelations, men who created the Bible through inspiration of God referred to the end-time when they talked about a scroll; or eating a scroll; or a hand reached out to them, and it had a scroll in it with writing on both sides. The contents of the scrolls in different books consistently describe similar judgments lending evidence they are the same. It is as if the Lord made copies of a scroll and passed them out to the men who then wrote down in their words what the scroll says.

6 FIRE: Numerous portions of scriptures foretell of burning; judgment by fire; cities burning with fire; smoke filled skies darkening the sun; The elements melting from the fervent heat; people burned to lime.

7 SIGNS: If the scriptures contain the word sign I have found those portions of scripture to be of the content about signs that pertain to these end times.


I now know that what has happened to me is an example of what’s coming to America. In the midst of carrying on a hectic schedule of business affairs, running a real estate office, and general contracting jobs, I found myself suddenly stopped cold turkey. A sudden disaster is upon me. The Day of the Lord is a sudden destruction that comes upon a people who are busy buying, and selling, and building, and planting.

In April 1999, my foot slipped on the edge of a shiny new metal roof we had just installed. I hit the concrete below with extended arms and legs on my left side. I lay there looking at the tip of a bone fragment protruding out of the skin on my left wrist.

I tried to get up. My left ankle wasn’t responding. I went in an instant from a macho hard working man’s man to a man lying there helpless, saying, “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”

Deuteronomy 32:28 says, “They are a nation without sense, there is no discernment in them. If only they were wise and would understand this and discern what their end will be!” A few verses later, it says, “In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.” Suddenly my foot slipped!

“Say to them, I am a sign to you, As I have done, so it will be done to them.” [Ezekiel 12:11] In obedience to this scripture, I say to you that I am a sign to you.

I was helped up by a co-worker, and with his assistance I hopped to my truck on my good leg. My left shoe swung back and forth at the end of my leg, and I dripped a trail of blood down the sidewalk from the chip of bone sticking out of my shattered wrist. We arrived at the small town emergency room about noon and after a lengthy exanimation, they made arrangements for me to be taken by ambulance into Reno. I am certain that ambulance was in bad need of shocks, for I felt every bump in the road with excruciating pain of sharp bone fragments jolting around for over an hour.

Upon my arrival at the Reno hospital’s emergency room at about four thirty I was told I’d have to wait til they could get to me. I sat there until eleven o’clock waiting for what seemed like forever. Finally came and I under went orthopedic surgery. I awakened from anesthesia, and the firstn sight I saw was my arm swollen–double its normal size. I had been impaled with steel bolts that were protruding out and connected together with rods and clamps.

Then, my eyes followed down my leg where a bar had been run clear through my heel. Connections on both ends of it reached bars that connected to two bolts screwed into my shinbone. The first thing I said to my wife was, “If you don’t get me out of this place these hospital bills will bankrupt us.”

Reluctantly, she consented because we were not insured, as I was self-employed.

I remained continuously impaled by the $10,000 worth of stainless steel fixtures for an ensuing six-month recovery period. Immediately after I arrived home from the hospital, my wife brought me medicine and the remote to the TV. She propped me up with several pillows trying to make me as comfortable as possible. She asked, “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“See if you can find me a Bible,” I said. “I don’t’ know why this has happened to me. But if the Lord wanted to get my attention, he certainly did.” She returned from the other room with a brand new American Standard Version still in its box. When I opened it near the middle, my eyes immediately gazed at a verse in Ezekiel 4:4. It said:

“As for you, lie down on your left side.”


There I was, lying down; I was unable to get up. Both my left arm and my left leg were shattered, swollen double their normal size and impaled with $10,000 worth of stainless steel orthopedic hardware.

Totally convinced that the Lord was trying to tell me something, I became determined to see what it was talking about. After all, I had been reading my Bible for more than twenty years, and I could never remember having seen that verse before. I then read the preceding context trying to see what it meant. It says, “ This is a sign to the house of Israel.” I now know that when the scriptures make any reference to a sign that it is about these end times. I thought why does the Lord tell us this is a sign. We have signs all around us. Some are octagon shaped and painted red wth four white letters STOP on them. I began to understand. See what happens if you ignore those signs, it could be the last thing you do. It could cost you your life. When the Lord says “This is a sign” we had better pay attention.

Ezekiel 4 begins with, “Son of man get yourself a brick, . . . build a siege wall, put up a ramp, . . . then get an iron plate and set it up as an iron wall and put it between you and the city . . .” As a builder, I like to know why something is being built.

From that point, I began to read until I got to a verse in the next chapter [Ezekiel 5:9] that says, “Because of your abominations, I will do among you what I’ve never done before, the like of which I will never do again.”

I thought about that verse, “What can this be that God is coming to do. It has never been done before; and it will never be done again” With an inquiring mind that wants to know, I read on till I got to Chapter 7:5, and it says, “A disaster, a unique disaster, behold it is coming. An end is coming.” The end has come!

So there is a “UNIQUE DISASTER” coming and because I have an inquiring mind, I wanted to understand just what is going to happen?

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