Ezekiel Has Answers

8. Ezekiel has Answers

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By Everett Triplett


I continued to read Ezekiel 4 repeatedly in different translations. I’m convinced the instructions to build siege works between you and the city are a form of a bomb shelter, and the food storage all pertain–and are extremely relevant–to those of us upon whom this sudden end-time nuclear disaster will occur.

We’re told to lie down on our left side, and put the sin of the house of Israel upon yourself. It says you are to bear their sins. At first I thought, “What kind of a raw deal is this. Why should you have to bear their sin?”

But then I was reminded that Jesus bore the sin of the whole world. Still, the question remained,“Who is the House of Israel?”

Isaiah 2 says, “Their land is full of silver and gold. There is no end to their treasures. Their land is full of horses; there is no end to their chariots. Their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands.”

I thought of how materialistic our society has become. It says, “They’re full of superstitions from the east, and they practice divination like the Philistines.” At that time, there were numerous psychic advertisements on TV. Seems like today’s society is a dead ringer for who it is.

Another thing happened that removed all doubt from my mind as I became convinced that the American people are whom these scriptures talk about. I had just finished reading and underlining Isaiah 3:9, where it says, “ they parade their sin like Sodom . Woe to them, they brought this disaster upon themselves.”

I recalled having heard and read about gay pride parades. And again I strongly suspected that we could be whom it’s talking about. But, weary of reading the Bible, I put it away. And after resting a bit, I decided to pick up the remote and see what’s on TV.

It had to be the Lord prompting me with impeccable timing, for the television screen lit up, there on the channel it happened to be set on out of forty-even channels, was a hairy-chested man, wearing a stuffed red bra, prancing around with a streamer in his hand. It was on the news. It was the Reno Gay Pride Parade. I had just read the verse, where they parade their sin like Sodom. I had just pondered in my mind, “Could we be who this is talking about?”

I knew the Lord had immediately given me an affirmative answer. God has ways of showing you things, like in Genesis 24 and the story of Abraham’s servant who was sent on a mission to find a wife for Isaac. He had just arrived at the community well after a long and hot day’s travel. He prayed that if a maiden came to the well–and he asked her to draw water for himself; and she then would offer to also water the camels–that she would then be the one that he was supposed to take home to be Isaac’s wife.

No sooner had he finished his prayer and opened his eyes than Rebecca came walking up to the well. He asked her to draw water for himself, and she then offered to also water his camels. He then told her how he had just prayed right before she walked up, and that she was the one the Lord had chosen to go away with him, leave her family and home, to marry a stranger she has never seen.

You might expect her response to be, “I don’t know who you are, but if you think just because I offered to water your camels that I’m going to leave my home and family, to go some far away place with you, and to marry some stranger, you are crazy. But instead she immediately acknowledged that this is from the Lord. She then took him to her father’s house, and when they told her family what had happened, they all agreed that this was the Lord. This story is an example of how God speaks, and it is the same way He has spoken to me over and over, as I am praying and thinking about something, then suddenly there is the obvious answer in an unusual and unexpected way.

When you see the confirmation of what you were immediately praying about suddenly materializes in front of your very eyes you can be sure that it is the Lord.

Like coming home from the hospital with a broken left leg and a broken left arm, praying about why this has happened to me, and then opening the Bible toEzekiel 4:4, “As for you lie down on your left side.”

Or it’s like reading Ezekiel 1:4 about the immense cloud of fire, enfolding itself, surrounded by brilliant light–and thinking “Lord could this be describing a mushroom cloud?” And right then you here at the door knocking an eighty-year-old man who comes in and explains how he was there and witnessed nuclear bomb tests. And he explains to you that the light is so bright they saw the bones in their arms as they covered their eyes to protect them from the blinding bright light.

Like reading Isaiah 3:9 about how they parade their sin like Sodom, and then while thinking this could be talking about today’s society; I then put the Bible away to watch TV. And when you turn it on there is a hairy chested man wearing a stuffed red bra prancing around as the Reno Gay Pride Parade is proceeding down the main street.

Like watching the Nazi bombing of Yugoslavia only to see the video end, and then the news that is ongoing at that time has today’s warplanes flying across the TV screen and bombing the same country.

I really can go on and on, but you will read about even more of these unusual and very convincing reasons why I know that God has shown me what is to come and even pertaining to the year this disaster will hit. It is upon us now.

I continued to read Ezekiel 4, repeatedly in different translations. I’m convinced the instructions about the siege works between you and the city, and the 390 days of food storage all pertain and are extremely relevant for those of us upon whom this sudden end-time disaster will hit.

It says for 390 days to lie there on your left side. It says get 390 days worth of food. Then, it says, “I have assigned you the same number of days as the years of their sins.”

I began to suspect this could be a formula for telling the year that this will happen. After all, it doesn’t make sense for God’s word to give these kinds of instructions to prepare for a future coming disaster without any clue as to when this action should be taken.

But if the number of the days are the same number as the years of their sins, and we’re being told the number of days are 390—so the number of the years of their sins is also 390.

I began to have a question in my mind, “Did something happen 390 years ago that could be significant enough to be perceived as the beginning of the years of their sins? If we can determine what year the Lord begins to count the years of their sins, all we have to do is add 390 years to it, and we’ll know the year that this disaster will take place.”


I did not have a history book readily available, but I continued to lie around for several days with curiosity gnawing away at me about what could have taken place, if anything, of significance 390 years ago. I was thinking if I had a history book, I would check it out.

It so happened that about a year earlier, my oldest son had lost his American high school history book. And the end of the school year the school sent us a bill for it, which I had to pay before they would give him his report card. But nobody knew what had become of that book.

Now the Lord knew I was anxious to look back 390 years in our history and right at that time my daughter came downstairs carrying the same history book that he had lost. She had found it between the wall and the bed. I knew the Lord was providing me with it, and I asked her to bring it to me. I immediately opened it to check out what had been eating on me: “Did anything significant happen 390 years ago?”

The history book came alive with significant major events unfolding. King James was sending 600 men across the Atlantic with instructions to go start the first English colony. They were to name it Jamestown, in honor of the king, and the year was 1609. I thought, “Wow, this is very significant, it is the humble beginnings of our great nation. And now here we are, the greatest nation in the history of the whole world.”

Then I decided to do a little math. (1999-1609=390).

390 years have passed since that initial major event. I literally freaked out. I figured time is up. As a businessman, I know numbers don’t often fit easy unless they are supposed to. I became overwhelmed, recalling the Russian spokesman’s warning to the Clinton Administration about the bombing of Yugoslavia, “You had better be careful or you’re liable to re-kindle the cold war if not a hot one.” Based on the timing of my newly discovered information, I became absolutely certain that the Russians were going to take us out. All I could do was to lie there in hopeless despair with a broken leg and arm. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything like buy supplies or get stocked up.

I was perplexed. Why would God show me these things in my injured condition, knowing I couldn’t do anything about it? I wept as I contemplated our majestic America the Beautiful suffering simultaneous nuclear destruction in multiple major cities. As I wiped tears from my eyes, I closed the history book and the Bible. I set them aside. I can’t stand to think about this anymore. It’s too heavy burden to think about.

I reached for my remote control to turn on the TV, thinking I might find a Western movie or something to watch to take my mind off of these depressing thoughts. I pressed the power button on my remote; and I watched for the screen it to come on, but nothing was happening.

I glanced at the remote to see if its battery was dead or what. Why didn’t it come on? Then after a short pause, I glanced back at the TV that appeared to be just a black screen that was not even on, suddenly a row of large white capital letters flashed on to the screen.


These three words that appeared were the title to a program just beginning at that time and on that channel out of the 47 channels of cable TV available. I stared at those words, stunned by the coincidence. I was thinking what are the odds of this happening to me. It has to be that the Lord was showing me that this is what is coming even though I tried to escape from thinking about it, I now realized there is no escape. I instinctively knew this is what is coming right at us, NO ONE CAN STOP IT, and the blast of nuclear bombs is going to blow right over the top of us. We can prepare to deal with it, or we can choose to ignore it; but we can’t stop it from coming.


Ezekiel 4:9 warns us to stock up on enough food for 390 days or a little more than one year because food and water will be scarce. The basic food list is:

1 Wheat & Barley: Bread has remained the staff of life since Biblical times. It’s essential for you to retain enough energy to survive. Besides using it for food, you could also store enough wheat to plant the following spring.

2 Beans and lentils: Other than meat, beans can help provide necessary proteins vital in sustaining life. As with wheat, you should store enough to eat for 390 days and enough to plant.

3 Water: Ensure that underground water wells remain operational. Not only will you need water to live, but it’s also essential in growing crops. Well water is far less likely than surface water to be contaminated by nuclear fallout.


Ezekiel says to put to sin of the house of Israel upon yourself, and that you are to bear the punishment for their sins for 390 days. It also says that you have been assigned the SAME NUMBER of days as the years of their sin. So, the 390 days of siege is the formula for the year. All we need to do to know what year this will happen is to figure out what year the Lord determines that the house of Israel began to sin and then add 390 years to it.

You will see that the most interesting of all is why, where, who, and what is happening within the time frame of 390 years ago. This 390-day formula moves ahead as you will see. I began to take notice that not only does it say, lie down on your left side for 390 days. It says after you finish this, lie down on your right side for forty more days and bear the sins of the house of Judah. Judah was the son of Israel.

Americans acknowledge England as their mother country, and because they came here to North America and started their first colony of Jamestown 390 years ago; they must be the house of Israel. That would make us sons of Israel. So, I also began to think about what was happening for the last forty years.

Ezekiel says the house of Judah will be punished for forty days: a day of punishment for each year of sin. And I thought, “It’s easy. Forty years ago, the hippie movement began along with the spread of drug problems.” That’s when the “free love” era began due largely to the advent of the birth control pill, spreading immoral behavior that permeates American society even today. The 1960s became increasingly obvious to me as the start of this forty-year period of sin. There will be forty days of suffering coming to pay for the forty years of sin.

Ezekiel 8 describes what the house of Judah was doing. They were provoking the Lord to anger; there were twenty men of the House of Judah in the temple, between the entrance and alter with their backs turned to the Lord. They were bowing down to the east.

I can recall that Eastern religions became popular in our culture along with the hippies and the drugs during the 1960s. Ezekiel continues to say, “Have you seen this, the detestable things they’re doing here, filling the land with violence and continually provoking me to anger.Look at them, putting the twig to their nose.”

The country was experiencing shootings, like in the Columbine School. I heard news reports about statistics revealing ninety percent of the violent crimes in our country are drug-related. And they are “putting the twig to their nose” is likely a description of snorting cocaine or crack, a common form of drug abuse today.

There has been a deteriorating change in morality in our country over the last forty years. The highest court in the land declared that it is against the law to pray in school. This is totally contrary to the constitution that says Congress shall make no law restricting the freedom of religion or the practice thereof.

Praying is talking to God and certainly an act of practicing one’s religion, but the Supreme Court declares that it is now against the law to pray in school. So not talking to God is the same as turning our backs on Him.

As a nation we entered into an era where the schools have been left without a prayer. Days of being in trouble for chewing gum in class are gone, and the days of shooting guns in class have come. Previously unheard of but now common are drive by shooting and snipers killing innocent victims at random. Each and every line of these verses without exception depicts today’s society with alarming accuracy.


In September of 1999, I attended a Promise Keepers revival conference for men in Stockton, California.

Promise Keepers hosts many gatherings nationwide in sports arenas and football stadiums, capable of hosting 20,000 to 30,000 people. There were four speakers that day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. I was standing in the back where they were selling refreshments with my Bible open, pointing to the verses in Ezekiel. I was telling other Christian men about how my left leg and left arm had been broken, and I showed them the verse that I turned to as soon as I came home from the Hospital that says, “Lie down on your left side under siege for 390 days.”

And I told them that I had discovered that this is talking about us–that 390 years ago our country is beginning with the first English colony, and that the forty-year reference pertains to our present-day society, the baby boomer generation. I was explaining to them that THIS IS A SIGN, and that Ezekiel says that it’s a sign right before it says, “Lie on your left side.”

“The Lord is revealing to me these scriptures, and they all fit us,” I told them.

I explained to the men in Stockton how the Book of Ezekiel is telling us when the end will come by coinciding of the accumulation of the 390 years of sin, and the forty years of sin. Strangely enough those numbers have significant application to us today.

Then as I was just finishing trying to convince my listeners about my interpretations, the Lord gave me a confirming sign that I was definitely onto the true meaning of these scriptures.

The founder of the Promise Keepers movement, Bill McCartney, a former college football coach, was the last speaker. He began to talk about how American society has been drifting away from the Lord for the last forty years. McCartney spoke for thirty minutes about the decade of the 1960s, and then thirty minutes about the ‘70s, followed by similar attention to the ‘80s and the ‘90s. I felt a strange sense of confirmation as I listened to him. I knew that the Lord was showing me that I was not alone in recognizing that the forty years of sin in Ezekiel pertains to the last forty years in our time.

It is like a map index that gives reference to a particular location. The map has letters across the top and numbers down the side. You see we are being given to sets of years to point to when this sudden disaster will hit like the two references on a map. If the map index is G-7 for instance you line up below the letter G and over from the number seven and you have a close proximity to the place you wanted to look for. We are in the time that is called “NOW.” We know that the “NOW” is steadily moving toward the time of the end. When the “NOW” is the time of the sudden disaster there will be an undeniable and obvious beginning sin taking place 390 years ago. And as a second reference point at that same time there will also be 40 years ago also the beginnings of obvious and identifiable sin. How do we know what qualifies
as “identifiable sin?” Ezekiel chapter 8 gives us explicit descriptions of the sins they are doing. Hang in there and keep reading because much more on that is coming.


As that Saturday Promise Keepers meeting came to an end, I stood in the middle of the football field with my cane while people were leaving all around me. Because of the injuries I suffered that spring my broken leg had not healed completely, I fought back the pain while thinking how am I going to get to my truck that was parked a least a mile away. As I stood there resting from the pain of each step, two ladies wearing Promise Keeper badges approached me, and they asked me if I was waiting to be prayed for.

“No,” I said, “I am resting my sore leg that has been broken, but hasn’t healed.” I told them they could pray for the pain to ease and for it to heal. As the one lady finished praying for the Lord’s healing power to touch my leg, the other lady began to speak the following words to me. She said, “The Lord has called you to be a watchman; He has given you an important job to do. You are to take this job seriously and not cast it aside, but to be faithful to carry it out and not to neglect it”.

I began to cry because I knew the verses about the watchman are in Ezekiel 3, right before Chapter 4, where “Lie on your left side” is. I then shared with them the story of my left arm and left leg being broken simultaneously, and how I came home and opened the Bible to the verse that says lie down on your left side.

I do not know their names and have never seen them again, but they called a golf cart to come over, and I was given a ride right up to where my truck was parked a half a mile away. The Lord does take good care of me, and He has shown me who I am. He even sent total strangers to tell me, so that all doubt about it is now gone.

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