Washington, Again

17. Washington, Again

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By Everett Triplett



I visited Washington, D.C., for the second time to spread the warning that the sudden destruction, the day of the Lord is coming upon America. On May 2, 2004, the Lord revealed to me another example of things to come.

I had been throughout the city of Washington D. C. all week long putting forth every effort to be heard. My mission was nearly over as I was scheduled to depart the next day. But in the middle of the last night in my room at the Omni-Shoreham Hotel, I suddenly awakened. I felt totally alert as a strange stillness permeated the room. I turned on a lamp, wondering what could have awakened me. Without being the least bit sleepy I decided to see if the Lord might be trying to tell me something.

I picked up the Bible in my hotel room and opened it. I looked at the title on the top of the page. It was the Book of Esther, and I decided to read it, as I couldn’t remember the last time that I
had read it.

Esther is about a good man named Mordecai and a wicked man named Haman who holds a powerful position in the kingdom. Mordecai refuses to bow down to Haman when he passes by, so Haman hates Mordecai so much that he plans to kill not only him, but also his entire race of people. Haman has the king issue a decree, an order to kill all of Mordecai’s people. Haman sought to annihilate all the Jews, young and old–men, women, and children on a single day. Haman has gallows built seventy-five feet high intending to have Mordecai hung on them.

The king ordered the decree to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the Jews–young and old, women and little children–on a single day. The decree was written in 127 different languages and distributed throughout the whole kingdom spanning from Cush or the Ethiopia area of Eastern Africa to India.   It was carried on specially bred horses specifically bred for the king. Today, this expanse of territory encompasses the nations primarily of the Islamic faith.


When Mordecai learned of the decree against him and his people, he tore his clothes and put on sackcloth. Then, he went out into the capitol city Susa, wailing loudly and bitterly. He attempted to go to the king’s palace, but he only got as far as the king’s gate where he was stopped by the guards at the gate. Mordecai told the guard everything that had happened to him and gave him a written copy of the decree.

I became overwhelmed and excited as I read, because I, like Mordecai, had just gone throughout our capitol city Washington D. C. telling everyone about the plans to destroy and kill Americans on a single day (the Day of the Lord). I stood in the marble-lined halls of the United States Senate by the door to the Committee on Intelligence and wept while trying to convince the Capitol Police that I knew what was going to happen.

I even drove my rental car right up to the entrance gate to the White House (like the king’s palace) where I too- like Mordecai- was stopped by the guard at the gate. The identification badge with his name on it said he was from Carson City. He asked me to state my name and where I was from. When I told him I was from the small town in Nevada, he knew where it was, not too far from his hometown. After telling him everything that had happened to me, I gave him a copy of the scriptures describing this coming attack.

Now after running around for several days all over and having experienced all these things in the capitol city of Washington D. C., I find myself in my hotel room in the middle of the night, reading about a man with a similar story.

God is so wonderful. I cannot understand how He does these things.

For the most part, Washington, D.C., refused to listen to me. For about a week I walked in and out of Senators offices on Capitol Hill, through fish markets, the State Department, the Pentagon, a big mall and even the subways to pass out pamphlets filed with scriptures.

My frustration grew in the subway, where I heard officials announce over loudspeakers that

“If you see anyone doing this, report them to authorities.”

To me, it seemed almost as if authorities were aware of me. They were doing anything possible to prevent the people from learning the truth. I learned that our freedom of speech is being robbed from us by authorities afraid of letting people know the truth. In that sense, we are not a free country anymore.


Because Mordecai defeated Haman and refused to bow down to him, Haman ordered the construction of a seventy-five foot-high gallows–about ten stories tall for the purpose of hanging Mordecai. Imagine the considerable expense and effort to build such a massive framework to hang a single man.

Yet after it was built, Queen Esther exposed Haman as a wicked man. The king ordered Haman to be hung from those same gallows, and his people carried out the order.

As I read on I recognized this is definitely another story providing us with insight of the future. 

Although the plans are being formed to destroy us, our enemies will die in the same way they 

intended for us to die. The Lord will strike the bow from their right hand and the arrows from 

their left. They will fall on the mountains of Israel ( America), and their bodies will be food for

the birds and wild animals in Ezekiel 38 andEzekiel 39. And then the Lord will send upon their sturdy warriors a wasting disease, (radiation sickness) after they plunder the blown-up cities full of lingering radiation in Isaiah 10. And the large and mighty army of Joel chapter 1 is the northern army that gets driven out in chapter 2. These are all stories that depict prophetically the same future coming conflict. 

The king ordered the royal secretaries to write out a new decree according to the words of Mordecai. He sealed it with his signet ring.

Mordecai’s words stated that the Jews shall have the right to assemble, (a far-reaching concept at that time) the right to protect themselves, and to totally annihilate any nation that forms armies against them which might attack men, women and children.

You can immediately see that these words are applicable to us today. After all we have the some of the same words in our Bill of Rights today. Our founding forefathers gleaned them from these scriptures.

Sealed with the king’s signet, the decree was issued throughout 127 provinces stretching fromn India to upper Ethiopia–lands that now are occupied primarily by people of Islamic faith.

Esther 9:5describes how the Jews struck down all their enemies with the sword, killing and destroying them. The Jews went out and slaughtered 75,000 of their enemies.

They also killed Haman’s ten sons, and the fear of the Jews spread–a historical event in human history. This is interesting to note since it’s exactly what the Lord says we’ll ultimately do to all our enemies in the end.

There are ten kings who are represented by ten horns of the fourth beast, in Daniel’s vision of four beasts. In the end, the ten kings are killed–the same thing that happened to Haman’s sons.

In Ezekiel 38, the hordes of nations that come out of their places in the north have bows and arrows knocked out of their hands and they fall in a valley that will be called Hamon-Gog. Why do they call it that?

By then, everyone will know the story of Haman is an example of what has happened to our enemies.


Esther 9:28 proclaims that “–these days should be remembered and observed in every  generation, in every province, and in every city.”   The king’s decree was to be remembered by their descendants and to never be forgotten. Evidently, we are the descendants of those people because the words of that decree have somehow made through thousands of yearsto wind up in our own Bill of Rights giving us the right to peacefully assemble.

Zachariah 2:10 proclaims that the Lord is coming, and that He will live among us; and manynations will join the Lord in that day and will become his people.

As I absorbed these details at two o’clock in the morning alone in my hotel room, I pondered significance as it pertains toward these end-times we are facing today. I went back to sleep, but even more amazing is what happens to me the following day. The Lord would give me a miraculous sign signifying how all of this is true.

The morning after reading Esther, I proceeded as planned to leave Washington and return home to Nevada that day. I packed my bags and checked out of my hotel, and drove my rental car down to the U.S. Capitol. I was anxious to tell someone about the truths the Lord had revealed to me as I had read the book of Esther in the middle of the night. I wanted to use every available minute to reach people before my scheduled departure by jet later that afternoon.

On the lawn in front of the Capitol, a Christian Organization had set up a temporary plywood platform with large speakers and a microphone; and they were reading the Bible non-stop, twenty-four hours a day from beginning to end, starting with Genesis and clear through Revelations. They had started at six o’clock Monday morning, and now it was Wednesday about nine o’clock in the morning. They had invited the public and government officials, including elected leaders to participate by reading a chapter of the scriptures into the microphone. They felt this was their ministry, and they had been coming to Washington D.C. to do this every year for twenty years.

I had stopped by and spoke to several of the Christians there on both Monday and Tuesday. We visited, and I told them what I was doing and gave them some of my literature.

On the two previous days that I had visited there, the event’s leaders had not invited me to participate in their proceedings. But this time as soon as I arrived, a lady that I hadn’t seen before came walking out toward me and asked me, “Would you like to read a chapter of the Bible?”

“I’d be delighted to,” I said. She then told me to go over to the platform and stand to the side of the man now reading. When he finished I was to read the next passage.

I will never forget the moment I stepped up on the platform and heard the words the man was reading. I felt a complete tingling all over.

I immediately knew where he was reading from because I had just read those same words that morning at 2:00 am. The words he read came across the speakers clearly. The king issued the decree, and it was sent out to the 127 provinces and written in all the different languages of the people.   It was sealed with the king’s signet ring and sent it out to the whole kingdom by mounted couriers who rode fast horses especially bred for the king.


My thoughts overwhelmed me. How is it that my very steps were timed so that when I arrived that morning, the people who had been reading the Bible continuously twenty-four hours a day for two days and nights were now in the book of Esther. And I had just woke up and read the same passage at two o’clock that same morning.

I knew it was God confirming to me that it is true–the book of Esther is another example of how this conflict at the time of the end will be fulfilled.

The moment he finished reading Chapter 8 of Esther I took my turn and read aloud Chapter 9 to the crowd about how God’s people struck down all their enemies, killing, and destroying them; and then Haman’s ten sons are hung.

This is an urgent message for all of us today as we are God’s people, and this is depicting the coming end-time conflict. We must now get ready and prepare for it. The Lord wants us to protect ourselves, and to kill, to completely destroy, and to totally annihilate our enemies– the same rights granted by the king. World peace will be achieved when we have no one l left to fight. We are the champions of the world, but we are, only because the Lord helps us.


Today in Washington, D.C., the new World War II Memorial features 400 gold stars—each representing 1000 lives lost which is embossed on a marble wall at a fountain with the words: “The Price of Freedom.” I envision a future memorial for the last World War with words that say “The Price of Peace.”

The Bible promises that a 1,000-year period of peace and prosperity will ensue after the next great conflict. Many great biblical passages reveal that slave nations headed by totalitarian governments will spark this conflict.

The people of these slave nations lack the ability to choose their leaders. But our founding forefathers established this country on the premises that the only legitimate government that exists is by the consent of the governed. Leaders in these other countries spread hatred against the United States, diverting attention from themselves.   They are unwilling to have their own power taken away for they know that they cannot get the consent their people to rule over them.

Following much heartache and suffering worldwide, freedom will prevail. Rest assured that this good news shall reign for all mankind as every race, color, and creed enjoys liberty and justice. WWIII will be the “war that ends all wars.”

The freedom we enjoy is under serious threat. American Revolutionary war hero Patrick Henry set an example for us when he said: “Give me liberty, or give me death.” A U.S. quarter coin honoring the state of New Hampshire sums up the necessary mentality to deal with the coming troublesome times, with the phrase: “Live Free or Die.”

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