Government Warnings

14. Government Warnings

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By Everett Triplett

New Year’s Day approached at the end of 2003, for a brief period topU.S.officials raised the terror alert to the high orange level. Authorities explained that government intelligence had reported a high incidence of chatter on the Internet by terrorists about an attack on multiple cities that will “Make 911 pale by comparison.” I instantly figured that it is the “Day of the Lord” they are planning. Our government continued to make every effort to protect us. They had helicopters continuously circling several major cities, but no attack has taken place yet. But you can bet that it is still in the making, because of the determination of these enemies, they are not going to go away. 

Because more terrorist attacks are anticipated by our government, it has a toll free, 24-hour number for citizens to get advice just dial: “1-800-BE-READY.”

They will ask for a name and address to sent you a packet of instructions for free

Keep in mind that specific situations and spur-of-the-moment survival strategies will vary,  depending on your location and the wind direction. Even so, as in the time-tested Boy Scout motto, in all cases at least one constant remains, “Be Prepared.”

We must prepare to take every reasonable precaution. Among them:

  1. GASOLINE: The U.S. Government Department of Homeland Defense recommends all motorists ensure that their gas tanks are kept as full as possible at all times. We are being told to go and fill up at the gas station even when your tank is still half full. When a
    sudden disaster occurs you don’t want to need to go get gas in order to flee. You don’t want to need to go get gas then. Keep some additional gas jugs or even a tank on a stand on your own property if you can. We have become helpless without fuel. Take a lesson from our government –  they have what is called the national strategic fuel reserves. That is fuel  for them, not for you. You can and should have your own private strategic fuel reserve. Any prudent man can understand how foolish it is to assume that whenever he wants fuel he can always just go down to the gas station and fill up. A nuclear attack will stop all distribution of supplies including fuel, and the highways will be deserted. Is that because there is no fuel? That is exactly what Isaiah 3:1-2 and Isaiah 33 says.
  2. GEIGER COUNTERS: Without one of these you could enter into a death zone and not even know it. You can acquire inexpensive World War II surplus Geiger counters. They can be found on-line by search engines. Survivors will need to be able to detect and designate safe areas as well as danger zones.
  3. CLOTHING: War will bring the imported clothing industry to a screeching halt. Your existing clothes will have to last you for some time.   Have extra clothing on hand, suitable to keep you comfortable year-round. Be prepared for all types of weather, from extreme cold to exhausting heat.
  4.  POWER GENERATORS: Purchase and maintain efficient power generators capable of lasting long periods. Fuel supplies are going to be scarce so stock up now. You may need to survive off the primary power grid for at least a year or longer.
  5. DIESEL FUEL: Stock up on diesel fuel, gasoline and propane. I prefer vehicles and generators that use diesel, because it has a longer shelf life than gasoline and may be more plentiful. Propane can also be stored indefinitely.
  6. BATTERIES: Have enough batteries for all equipment requiring it, stockpiles sufficient for a one-year period. This way you’ll avoid having flashlights with nothing to power them. And remember, portable radios might be able to pick up any station that manages to get on the air with stand-by power.
  7.  SEAL WINDOWS: Be sure to seal windows tight now rather than face death or severe illness from radiation. Your chances of survival and continued good health increase by avoiding inhaling or ingesting even fine dust contaminated with radiation. I have acquired some clean air purifiers to remove any radiation dust from inside the house.

Be encouraged for this coming punishment is coming upon the wicked, Isaiah 3:10 says to tell the righteous that it will be well with them; for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. But
the noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he will stand. (Isaiah 32:8) Yet you can survive by planning for the attack.


The Bible clearly warns that those who fail to heed these warnings face severe or deadly radiation sickness. In Deuteronomy 28:24, we learn that the consequences of their disobedience will turn the rain of the land into dust and powder coming down from the sky until you are destroyed.

In the preceding verses we’re told that the Lord will strike them with a “wasting disease, fever, inflammation, scorching” along with heat, blight, drought, and tumors from which victims cannot be cured. Such symptoms will include scabs, sores, and itching from which they
cannot be cured. This is only part of the consequences of their disobedience.

We know from science and previous nuclear disasters that people suffering excessive radiation exposure suffer nausea, lose weight, and can’t hold down food. The inability to absorb nutrition lowers the body’s resistance to infection. A personal supply of antibiotics may save your life in this coming time when the availability may be scarce.


People today need to know the complexity of radiation exposure. Numerous scientific articles, including one posted on the Internet, note that most people don’t know how fast fallout decays. This decrease in danger happens in a relatively short period. For instance, in a thirty-mile by thirty-mile area directly downwind from a missile field that gets dozens of hits, 100% of people die within six minutes of exposure in areas reaching 10,000 rads per hour.

The level of rads in that same area decreases to 1,000 in that same zone within seven hours. Still 100 percent of people die within just one hour of exposure at that level.

After two days, that drops to 100 rads per hour, and fifty percent of people die within three or four hours of continuous exposure. Finally, in fourteen weeks that decreases to one rad per hour–where fifty percent of people will still die after one month of continuous exposure, and five percent die within fifteen days

Also, the danger would be far less downwind in a ninety- from a single one-megaton ground burst. Radiation doesn’t show up in those areas till seven hours after the blast, arriving at a ate of just fifty rads per hour—when fifty percent of people die after eighteen hours of continuous exposure.

This decreases to just 0.05 rads of exposure in fourteen weeks, when people can stay in those zones without serious health problems.

Knowing this, survivors should strive to keep exposure to minimal periods of time. For instance, if you’re downstairs hiding in a basement, beginning fourteen weeks after the attack, you could go upstairs to briefly retrieve things.

Everything depends on how far you are from the blast zone, coupled with the speed and direction and of wind currents, and the amount of radiation emitted per hour in that region. I wholeheartedly recommend the following instructions from God’s word.

“Seek the Lord, and seek righteousness and humility; perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger. Zephaniah 2:3

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