15. Timing Revealed

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By Everett Triplett


Right after the Bush administration publically announced that they were all through playing cat and mouse games with Saddam. The inspectors were not able to find any weapons of mass destruction. But they said he had violated UN resolution 1441 and committed material breaches so they told everyone that he is all through.   They are going to take him out. The attack on Iraq was pending. At that time on the news two retired United States generals were being interviewed. They were asked when they thought the attack would take place. The response of the highly trained expert further confirmed what I already knew. He said “the best time for an attack is at night”. Att acking amid darkness can leave an enemy confused and
inefficient, emphasizing and utilizing the element of surprise. The darker it is the better, because
with the sophisticated technology of night vision equipment we have the advantage.

He then stated that the darkest nights are during the new moon!

Once again, I knew the Lord was confirming to me what I already believed. This coming nuclear attack will be in one of the darkest nights during the phase of the new moon.

In addition, Matthew 24:20 tells us to pray that your flight will not occur during the winter,
or on the Sabbath.

If the attack hits in summer but not during winter, where is it likely to occur? Is the whole world a target, or is a specific area endangered? Summer is seasonal to only one half of the earth at a time because the other half is experiencing winter..

Similar advice is repeated throughout the Bible. In Luke 22:36, the Lord said, if you have a purse, take it; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one. It will be important
to have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones in a time of such turmoil. Exercise your constitutional rights to bear arms. But why are you told to go ahead and sell your coat to buy one?

Coats will not be necessary, as this sudden disaster will occur at the time of the year when summer is near or just beginning. This is the time when even the nights are hot, so you won’t be needing a coat.. There will be opportunities to acquire another coat before the cold of winter comes.


The Bible clearly supports this link to tobacco in Ezekiel Chapter 8. In discussing the important number of 390, it also mentions that seventy elders from the house of Israel each holding a censor in their hand; as a cloud of incense rises in the room.

A cloud of incense rising in a room is simply a cloud of smoke in the air. Just like in a room where smokers congregate together.

Ezekiel says each one of them was holding censors in their hands. A “censor” is a fire resistant container that contains a smoldering substance from which smoke rises. He is describing in the words of his time- the best as he can- a group of men smoking tobacco pipes. A pipe was the sole method of smoking in the early 1600s, before the introduction of cigars and cigarettes.

Then I read in my local newspaper a full-page ad–“TOBACCO KILLS”–describing the dangers of tobacco. The ad says more than twice as many people die yearly from tobacco than from heroin, cocaine, crack, AIDS, alcohol, murder, suicide, and car accidents combined.

Sponsored by organizations including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association their message puts the evil of tobacco into perspective.

Today, tobacco use kills millions of people yearly, while driving overall medical costs to staggering levels. The pain and suffering have reached staggering, mind-boggling levels too great to reverse despite multi-billion dollar tobacco industry settlements.

Lobbyists from this economic segment and other major concerns play a key role in influencing Congress, in a system where money rules.


Tobacco is the deadliest killer in the history of the world. No nation, race, or color is exempt from its ravages today..

The highly addictive nicotine in tobacco becomes increasingly difficult for smokers to stop; some smokers swear it’s impossible to kick the habit. Once you are addicted, you smoke until you die before your time from lung cancer or suffocating lung failure like emphysema. Some addicted smokers even have to carry around an oxygen tank while still continuing to smoke. Smokers eventually find themselves out of breath, with no strength and can get no relief from their self-afflicted predicament.

The scriptures proclaim, “Whatever you yield yourself to, that you will become enslaved by.”  This holds true for cigarettes which studies show can become more difficult to stop using than heroin.

The first English colony of Jamestown was desperately struggling and called a wretched failure. But in the exact words of one history book “tobacco saved the colony.” It became the economic basis of Jamestown and this country’s beginning.

Because of the enormous price tobacco sold for, the farmers planted tobacco on every available place on their properties and even in the streets. All they wanted to grow was tobacco.

The problem of farmers growing only tobacco became so severe that the first legislation that had to be passed required each of them to dedicate a portion of their land to grow food.


England is included as a target of this coming nuclear attack. It is the English who started the commercialization of tobacco on a full-scale basis and delivered the first commercial shipment of Virginian grown tobacco to London in late June 1616. And that was 390 years ago. While establishing the colonies, England promoted tobacco into the fabric of European society. They have now accumulated the 390 years of sin for they will now bear the 390 days of siege. They are among those of the house of Israel.

The sin of the house of Israel is described in Ezekiel 8 where Ezekiel is told to go see the wicked
things they are doing. So he went and looked, and he saw 70 elders in a room with a cloud of incense rising; and each held a censor in their hand. The cloud of incense rising is a cloud of smoke in the room. Every man is holding in his hand a censor. As mentioned earlier this censor is a small container that is fire retardant which holds a smoldering substance from which smoke rises. Doesn’t that sound exactly the same as a tobacco pipe?

It’s the English mainly who are guilty of introducing and spreading the use of tobacco to the human race and economically profiting by promoting it, although at that time they were ignorant of the devastating consequences.


1         1612: A small test plot of tobacco was planted by John Rolfe, and he successfully learned how to grow and cure tobacco in the colonies.

2         1613: Success from the previous test year motivated him to plant a sizable crop. Late in this year, that crop was harvested and put into caves to dry and be cured.

3         1614: This crop was loaded onto ships in the spring, and it arrived in London in June. Mister Rolfe could not have anticipated the outrageous demand that it was met by. As a result, at least one historian refers to the sale of tobacco in London as the most momentous event of the entire 17th Century, equal to the 1849 gold rush of California. The discovery of how lucrative the sale of tobacco was inspired John Rolfe to return and grow as much as he could possibly get planted the next year.

4         1615: This year is the beginning of the commercialization of growing tobacco for sale. This commercial-size crop was harvested at the end of the year and placed in caves to dry and cure for shipment in the spring of 1616.

5         1616: That year, exactly 390 years before 2006, tobacco became a full-scale commercial enterprise in the colonies.

Understanding Isaiah 29:1 Add year to year is instructions pertaining to the timing of this event of sudden destruction as well as Ezekiel 4:4 the days of siege are the same as the years of their sin. It is a simple mathematical formula forecasting the year of the disaster that is coming. The problem is how to know what year the Lord begins to count their sins from.

The solid case can be made for 2006 to be the year of the Day of the Lord, when the birth pains that produce new age shall begin, but we are now passed. So, still the time to prepare is now, not later. Now, December 27, 2007, I am positive we will see the fulfillment of all these things before another summer passes.

The following stories provide for an additional twelve month extension of time.

It was twelve months later that King Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom was cut down. [DANIEL 4:28].



It is American society that fits the description of the sins of the house of Judah, for they turned their backs on the Lord, filled their land with violence, and provoked the Lord to anger by putting the twig to their nose.

These scriptures are describing the last forty years of American society, with the hippy movement–the drugs snorting up the nose to which law enforcement statistics have linked 90% of the violent crime in the land to. But God is very provoked by the Supreme Court ruling that prayer could no longer be allowed in the public schools of America. That is turning our backs on the Lord. It is especially offensive to Him because the heritage of the Lord is godly children, and we are told to teach our children in the ways of the Lord. But in the whole country all the children are sent to the public schools where we won’t let them pray, and the Bible is not allowed to be publicly read.

Another supporting fact is that Judah was the son of Israel and in comparison The United States is the son of England. The English introduced tobacco 390 years ago and this country turned it’s back on the Lord 40 years ago. Two separate numbers both go back in time to separate and different events that fit what is described as occurring in those past frames. Isn’t that a little too freaky to ignore?


I set out with determination to trust in the Lord to heal my leg. The scriptures say the Lord is our healer, our provider, and our protector.

So, I continued to go to work and used a cane sometimes while limping and gimping along on my half-healed leg. The pain persisted continuously as I walked on what the doctors called a non-union tibia, the shinbone. My weight was being supported by the fibula, the smaller of the two bones in the lower leg

Then right at three and one-half years after the initial break, on October 1, 2003, my leg suddenly broke a second time. While I conducted a work estimate at a Virginia City Highlands home, my good leg slipped on the loose gravel. And all my weight suddenly shifted to the weak and sore half-healed leg. I heard a loud snap as the fibula broke under the strain on my full weight.

The tibia–commonly known as the shin bone–remained broken and had failed to heal properly for three and one-half years–just like the halfway point in what I call the seven years of tribulationthat culminates with end-time.

While recovering from the second break, I thought about the scripture in Ezekiel 4 that says after you finish 390 days on your left side, to “lie down a second time” for forty more days. Amazingly, that’s the exact amount of time for my leg to heal completely. Without consulting any doctors about it, I decided to get up at the end of six weeks of staying home. And without putting a lot of weight on my leg, and I began to try and walk on it. It felt fairly solid so I started to go ahead and increase the weight on it and I have been using it ever since. You see, the amazing thing is that both the bones in my lower leg were now grown together, and they were healed. I returned to work. It had been forty-two days of time I had been laid up. And now my leg is fully healed. As I previously mentioned that both the Pharaoh who dreamt the two dreams and laid down two times and Ezekiel laid down a second time, so did I.

I never hoped for or planned for these events to happen, but when they occurred on their own,I realized the parallel to these key scriptures is vital to the timing of our end-time.


Simply stated, it’s why the Lord is going to permit our enemies to attack us. It’s our punishment for everything from tobacco use and drugs to promiscuity, immorality to perversion and turning our backs on God, idol worship, materialism and much more.

strong>Isaiah Chapter 1 states that

4 Ah, sinful nation,

a people loaded with guilt,

a brood of evildoers,

children given to corruption!

They have forsaken the LORD;

they have spurned the Holy One of Israel

and turned their backs on him.

5 Why should you be beaten anymore?

Why do you persist in rebellion?

Your whole head is injured,

Your whole heart afflicted.

6 From the sole of your foot to the top of your head

There is no soundness—

Only wounds and welts

And open sores,

Not cleansed or bandaged

Or soothed with oil.

Open sores include the site of the former World Trade Center attacked Sept. 11, 2001. Large areas of devastation from the hurricanes Katrina and Rita still remain vastly un-restored. Wildfires that burned ten thousand cattle to death parched thousands of acres. The worst tornado season on record has taken I don’t know how many lives, and destroyed millions of dollars of real estate. Therefore:

7 Your country is desolate,

your cities burned with fire;

your fields are being stripped by foreigners

right before you,

laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.

Nevertheless, several times within Isaiah and Jeremiah, the Lord says that we will not be destroyed completely–leaving us with a hope for the future.

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