First Beast Rises

13.First Beast Rises

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By Everett Triplett


Another end-time story is in Daniel’s chapter 7 about four beasts. They rise up out of the sea at the time of the end. The first one is a lion with wings of an eagle.

The lion represents the United Kingdom as the official emblem; the eagle represents the United State of America. Its wings were torn off, and it stood on two feet, and the heart of a man was given to it. This same time period and events are also described in other scriptures:
“The people will get a new heart…” Ezekiel 18:31.

In the same way that the ram in Daniel 8 gets its horn broken off, and the tree in Daniel 4 gets cut down but the stump remains, Jeremiah repeatedly says in Chapter 5, “Do not destroy them completely.”

Hope of recovery remains, and even an eagle’s feathers can grow back–so can new saplings grow from a stump that still has life and a goat with it’s horn broken off is still alive. In each of these cases there is not complete destruction.

The first beast has risen, and it is the War on Terrorism, the attack of Yugoslavia, the attacking of Iraq, and George Bush and Tony Blair walking across the White House lawn, waging war together, both in complete agreement.

I saw a documentary about our aircraft carriers. It takes ten years from the beginning of constructing one till its completion. In this initial attack on America, if our enemies can successfully sink our aircraft carriers–our air superiority would be lost. Air superiority is
essential in today’s military conflicts to achieve victory. That could be the eagle’s wing feathers being torn off because the second beast is called the bear, which is told to “go devour much flesh.”


The bear has three ribs in its mouth. The devouring of much flesh is The Day of the Lord. And Russia is referred to as a bear. Russia is coming from out of the north. That nation also is the king of iron. And Jeremiah 15:12 says, “Can a man break iron from the north, or bronze?”

There are the bands of iron and bronze on the tree stump. But when Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was campaigning against resident Bush in 2004–and being critical of the military action in Iraq–he referred to President Bush’s 30-nation coalition force as being coerced and bribed.

And Kerry said that there were only three nations who initiated what has become pronounced by the United Nations secretary general as an “illegal attack on Iraq.” Those three nations, I thought, might be who the three ribs are in the bear’s mouth. That’s the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The United Nations Security Council has declared the United States’ attack as illegal and in violation of international law. So International Law has been broken by the Bush administration.

I suspect the enemies of the United States are demanding that we be brought to justice. Who else can the United Nations turn to, in order to enforce international law against the United States, other than the Russian bear? With Russia’s weaken economy one might not think that they pose much of a threat, but they have tripled their military budget since Putin assumed leadership. Also their long-standing nuclear arms policy that only authorized use in the event of an attack against Russia has been reversed to now allow them to initiate a pre-emptive strike if they perceive a threat exists. We clearly have provided them with the existing threat. Acting under the authority of the UN Security Council, they would receive compensation for enforcing international law and at the same time turn the financial burden of their military into a profit.

I don’t see Russian leader Putin as the kind of man who is told what to do, but he could become the United Nation’s hired gun. For the Bible tells us that the bear is told to “go, devour much flesh.”


As in the case of Desert Storm in the early 1990s, the United Nations authorized the United States to attack Saddam and end his aggression on Kuwait. The United Nations was formed in part for the purpose of maintaining world peace, and if any country becomes an aggressor nation by attacking others–like Hitler did in the beginning of World War II—it will be stopped. In other words, nipping it in the bud before things get out of hand.

However, today’s United Nations doesn’t possess this international law enforcement capability. So, when they see a direct violation of International Law, such as Saddam invading Kuwait–or President Bush openly and defiantly telling them that he is going to attack Iraq and remove Saddam from power, with or without their permission–they become enraged.

Their authority has been challenged. The very justification for their existence is questionable if the are impotent or have no teeth. There are members of the United Nations Security Council who cannot particularly be counted as allies of America. These enemy voices are ceaselessly demanding that the United States must be brought to justice.

Russia has a tremendous amount of military resources and they have the largest conventional army in the world. And like a hired gun looking for a job, they could use the money. In the same way that the United Nations compensated the United States Military for its Desert
Storm action of enforcing the international  law against Saddam, so compensation could be offered to Russia to enforce international law against the United States.


The third beast is a four-headed leopard, given authority to rule. This story parallels the tale of the ram and the goat because the goat has its prominent horn broken off before four other horns grow in its place. The leopard is likely made up of holy jihadist Christian hating
Muslim nations of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, who were included on the list of the seven nations in the Pentagon’s prepared plans for nuclear war along with Russia, China, and North Korea.


The fourth beast is more dreadful and terrifying than all the others. And it has large teeth of iron, and it’ll be different from all the other kingdoms. And it’ll devour the whole earth–trampling it down and crushing it.

It has ten horns–which are ten kings who come from this kingdom. And the saints will be handed over to them for a time, times and half a time–which some consider to be three and one-half years.

I think this marks the last half of the seven years of tribulation. This scripture talks about none other than today’s China, which now possesses the world’s second largest navy, surpassed only by the United States for the time being. After the invading Russian coalition
falls on the mountains of   the Israel of Ezekiel 39 (USA), China will take notice that the two major world powers that dominated post WWII era are now seriously weakened. They will begin to make their move for world domination –crushing and devouring the whole earth.

Chinese couples are only allowed to have one baby. In Chinese culture the boy is considered more desirable than a girl. With most couples choosing to have baby boys, the news recently reported their young male population is estimated at one hundred and thirty million. They will make up the main part of Revelation 9’s 200 million mounted troops.

With an army of 200 million, they will begin to tromp-tromp-tromp across that face of the earth. Confident that nothing can stop us now, will be their attitude. China ridicules our Christian faith. They think we are like kindergartners who still believe in Santa Clause. They are convinced that the notion that Jesus rose from the dead and will ever come again is a fairy tale. It will be the greatest miscalculation in all of military warfare.

They are the third of mankind who are killed by fire, smoke and sulfur. They are the feet of the dazzling statue that is smashed and turns into fine dust that blows away. The are the tares that are gathered into bundles to be burned.


As I was driving through California, on a trip to pick up a military surplus diesel generator, the words of Chapter 2 of the Book of Joel echo in my mind. It says:

“A large and mighty army comes, such as never was of old, nor ever will be in ages to come, before them the fire burns and behind them the flames blaze; before them the land lies like the garden of Eden, behind them a desolate waste.”–The Day of the Lord.

Observation of the immaculately manicured vineyards and orchards spreading out as far as I could see convinced me that this place fits the description like the Garden of Eden. Right as  those thoughts were on my mind, I drove right past a green road sign with capitol white letters on it that read ” EDEN VALLEY.”

When I tell you the Lord has shown me many signs, this is literally one of them. Again God confirms to me that the scriptures do apply to this great land, and it is us who will be invaded.

Joel does go on to say that the Lord will drive that northern army back out across a parched and barren land. That is the land they burned as they invaded, so you can see that they will be turned around the same as it says in Ezekiel 38 & 39. They come from out of the far north, a great horde, fully armed, with Persia among them. But the bow will be struck from their left hand, and the arrows will drop from their right hand. And they will fall. The Lord will deliver us from all those enemies at that time. How do you suppose the Lord accomplishes His purposes? He uses human vessels. His servants carry out His will. We have a war to fight and we better get ready now. There is not enough of us, so we had better be as prepared as possible.

God wants you to know of these warnings, and to survive. And he wants you to read every word of this document. Just like I do, God loves you, and he wants the best for you.

Even among those who hear of my warnings, the notion of a nuclear attack is overwhelming. There’s a similar mentality across America; most people refuse to think about it. There is a verse that says “what they fear the most will come upon them”.

What is feared more than a nuclear holocaust?

I recall the 1970s when county governments had trucks embossed with civil defense emblems. Partly through support from the federal government, officials mandated or encouraged bomb shelters and civil defense programs. Some buildings offered protection against bombs, and various former mine facilities were designated as civil defense shelters.

Yet in the wake of such programs being stopped or curtailed, many people today decline to even discuss the danger. They’re making a big mistake. This beast is now rising. America’s enemies are forming a military alliance into what the Bible refers to as “the beast.” Revelations 13 asks this: Who can make war against the beast? What is the beast? It is very simple. The beast is a war maker. Who else could they be making war with but the sole remaining super power–the United States of America?


Seven nations will form a military alliance referred to as the Beast. Revelations 17 says the beast has seven heads–five of which have fallen, while “one is, and the other is yet to come.”

While visiting China in late 1999, Yeltsin told the Chinese leader that, “It seems President Clinton has forgotten that Russia still is a world power who possesses a nuclear arsenal.” With the emphasis on is.

Russia remained undefeated after World War II. I’ve concluded that indeed, the head that “is” represents Russia–while the head that “is to come” represents China with its military build up and emerging, mushrooming, snowballing economy, and industrial power.

The five heads that have fallen include Germany and France, which both fell in World War II and have opposed the United States’ attack on Iraq. Japan also fell hard and I have been told by some that the Japanese are never going to forget it or get over it. I am not sure who all five of the fallen heads are; as time passes I am sure it will become clear.

Further evidence making this threat a reality, Russia and Germany have recently strengthened their alliances with China. These nations share many common views on major international issues while forming an alliance that polarizes against the United States.

In fact, when forming and solidifying this alliance in 2004, Germany and China proclaimed they share a desire to make important contributions in establishing worldwide peace and stability. Germany’s chancellor Schroeder openly stated this when arriving at the Beijing airport.

But who do Germany and China think is disturbing the peace or causing instability? From their point of view, it’s the United States. These countries are forming a strategic partnership. Their common bond is their growing contempt for American domination.

Revelations 13 also warns that the beast has the feet of a bear, and it gets its power from the dragon. The general consensus is that the bear represents Russia.

That nation has the world’s largest conventional forces and three times as many tanks as the United States. Today, military leaders depend on tanks for ground movement, like feet that are used to walk on the ground. The Russian tanks are the feet of the bear. At fifty tons each their tanks represent a great deal of iron. They are who it is in Daniel 2, the “King of Iron”, and as in Jeremiah 15:12, “who can break iron from the north?” The Russian Federation from
the north is those of Jeremiah chapter 1 and Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. Persia is with them.

On the news one day, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated that the Bush administration was making the missile defense system a top priority. But he made it clear that it wasn’t because of Russia and their nuclear arsenal. He no longer considered Russia
as much of a threat as it once had been because of their weakened economy.

It stands to reason that the threat of an attack or making war requires considerable financial resources, without which not much can be accomplished.

Nations are forming and strengthening their alliances because together they can pool their resources–equipment, manpower, finances–to become an imposing, unified military power, capable of challenging the United States for world domination.

I saw a Chinese New Year’s parade on the news, in which a huge dragon made its way down the main street at Tiananmen Square. We’re told the beast gets its power from the dragon, and China has lots of money–giving it the financial power to make war.


Daniel Chapter 11 warns that,   “…three more kings will appear in Persia, and then a fourth who will be far richer than the others, When he has gained power by his wealth, he’ll stir up everyone against the kingdom of Greece, and then a mighty king will appear who will rule with great power and do as he pleases.” Who can this be?

Today, the ancient Bible lands of Persia span the Middle East region. China is becoming far richer than the others. In 2005 China’s world trade surplus exceeded 1.4 trillion dollars.

Like it was before WWII, now in today’s world the two polarizing forces can be referred to as the free world and the slave world. But in Daniel 11, it’s the kingdom of Persia and the kingdom of Greece.

Senators lead the United States government—just like the senators of ancient Athens, Greece. I see these references to Greece as they equate to modern Washington, D.C. where numerous government buildings are in the ancient Greek architectural style–embossed with words such as “Aristotle.”

Imagine if you took Daniel or Ezekiel of Biblical fame on a helicopter tour of our nation’s capitol today with all of the Greek architecture, they could easily assume our nation’s capitol to be the modern capitol Greek city of Athens as it has evolved many years into the future.

Our enemies are certainly becoming stirred up, aren’t they?

President George W. Bush seems like the mighty king who rules with great power and does as he pleases. Retired U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, a seasoned expert in international affairs, stated during a TV interview that the day is coming when it will become impossible for the United States to maintain military superiority over China.

This mighty king’s empire is to be broken up and uprooted and given to others. Could it be this United States?


If the Holy Spirit began to move across the land, it would be called a revival. You would see people loving and forgiving one another. But today there is a movement of the spirit of the antichrist and it is evidenced by the mentality of hatred toward Americans and Christians everywhere.

A recent issue of the “Voice of the Martyrs” a Christian magazine gave compelling details of how countries worldwide are persecuting Christians. Remember, the vast majority of Americans hail from Christianity–the cornerstone in the founding of our country.

In a copyrighted article, the magazine listed in detail that:

  1. MUSLIMS: People of this faith are persecuting and harassing Christians in those nations.
  2. WORLDWIDE: Governments or people from various religions in forty-two countries seek to harm Christians and stop Christianity.
  3. GOVERNMENTS: Some governments now structure their societies in a manner that encourages violence against those who follow the word of Christ.
  4. DIVERSITY: Although some nations other than the United States boast diverse societies of many people and religions, in other countries there’s often little tolerance like ours. The magazine
    says that in India, for instance, “…radical Hindus have become increasingly open in their conflict with Christians.”

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